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Decorating the Entrance Tables

One of the best ways to put your own signature on your wedding is at the front entrance tables. This is what the guests see first when they step foot into the reception hall. It is a great place to show your guests you and your future spouse’s life, may it be engagement pictures, family photos/ memory table, a special saying, a sign with your wedding hash tag, whatever it may be to show off to your guests.

Another item to add to the entrance tables is a guest book. Brides get creative with this and so it is up to you how you want your guests involved. There is always the traditional book that the guests sign, or fun ideas like signing a framed photo of you and your future spouse, writing a note on a Jenga piece, taking a picture from the photo booth and placing it in a scrapbook with a note, or whatever idea you can come up with. You want to look back on your wedding day and reminisce of everyone who was there and took part on your special day.

For the couples with a sweet side to them, the entrance tables are a perfect place to put a candy bar. This is usually on the bigger entrance table, straight ahead when you walk into the Lodge. It is also a great place to put a little bit of you in the wedding décor. You can display the candy in vases or jars that are different sizes and shapes. I would recommend using candy colored to the theme of your wedding. It acts as décor, but you can eat it as well. Not only is the candy bar a cute idea and acts as décor, but you can also use it as favors for your wedding. You can get customized bags with your names and date on it and let the guests pick which candy they want to take home at the end of the night.

Having a seating chart? Here is a place to put it. You want your guests to know exactly where they are sitting before entering the main area of the reception hall. It makes it easier on the guests to know exactly what table (and sometimes seat) they are sitting at so they are not confused. This is also less stressful on you as well so you know everyone has a seat. If you choose to not have a seating chart, it is helpful to have VIP/reserved tables, which are usually for the bridal party and/or family of the bride and groom. When your guests are entering and trying to find a seat, they will see your reserved signs and know to not sit there. After the ceremony, you will be busy taking pictures with your spouse and family, while the guests make their way to the reception hall and will want to find a good seat. This is why having assigned seating or reserved tables are good to have.

One last idea for decorating the entrance tables is to use your grand exit item for décor as well. If you are using sparklers, bubbles, glow sticks, or ribbon wands you could put them in vases or bowls to have displayed and are ready for guests to grab when they are walking out the door for your grand exit. You could even have a sign displayed that shows the time of your send off if you wanted so guests know.

Hope all of these ideas were helpful for decorating the reception hall entrance tables here at Lindsay Lakes. We look forward to seeing what your entrance tables look like.

Photos By: Dream Photo & Video

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