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Decorating the Lake vs. the Chapel

Lindsay Lakes has two beautiful ceremony sites on property, the Lakeside and the Chapel. Both ceremony sites are gorgeous and can either be decorated from head to toe or left as is with its natural beauty. I am going to help you out with some decoration ideas for both.

Let’s start off with the lakeside ceremony site. Our lakeside was our first ceremony site and is very popular. There’s just something about being outside with the lake in the background with the waterfalls going that is so romantic. I have seen brides use minimum décor at the lake and I have seen brides go all out. It is up to you what you decide. We have two preferred florists that do amazing work and would love to work with you to create your dream wedding.

The lakeside has white garden chairs for your guests that are on the pavement that you can put chair sashes on. This adds a touch of color to your ceremony site to make it more elegant. We have many different colors and textures to choose from. Another great idea is to do white draping. This is very popular and dresses up the ceremony where you and your fiancé, along with the minister and bridal party, will stand.

Along with that, I have seen floral hanging from the gazebo that looks absolutely beautiful in pictures and adds that touch of color as well. This bride even chose to do greenery hanging from the gazebo.

If you want to decorate the aisle you can use lanterns, flower pedals, a runner, anything you can think of or leave it as is. Remember not to add too much because this is where you walk down the aisle and want enough room to walk.

Another neat idea is to have an arch way right before you start walking down the aisle to your groom. You can decorate it with your floral. If you are looking to save money, you can always use the floral you have at the ceremony and bring it over to your reception. You don’t want your flowers going to waste. These are just some ideas to keep in mind when you are decorating the lakeside ceremony site.

The other ceremony site is our beautiful chapel, which is just as popular. You can also decorate the chapel with a lot of décor or very little.

Similar to the lakeside, you can add lanterns, a runner, light colored flower pedals, or anything like that in the aisle. The chapel is unique in that it has pew hooks to hang décor, such as mason jars, flowers, ribbon to block the center aisle, or anything you can think of that will hang from the pew hooks.

There is also a mantel at the front stage where meaningful décor can go up, like a cross, a favorite saying, your future last name, a monogram, anything. Also, floral arrangements look beautiful up there, as well as LED candles. Either way, the chapel is gorgeous with however you decide to decorate it.

On the stage at the front you can put floral arrangements or just leave as is. Remember your bridal party, the minister, and you and your fiancé will all be up there as well as a unity candle stand or table if you plan on having a unity ceremony. We have a complementary unity candle stand as well as table if you need.

One of my favorite features in the chapel is the up lighting. We can put it to any type of color that you wish. This adds color to the room, or you can simply leave them off and enjoy the beauty of the wood in the chapel.

Both ceremony sites do not need much in that they are already stunning as is. Those are just some ideas for you to think of when you are deciding on how to decorate the chapel or the lake for your ceremony.

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